For the New Year: Resolve how you think about resolutions

New Year, New Me!

“2019 me would let that fly, but not the 2020 me!”

New Year, New…damn still me

Are you resolving or just wishing?

Are you turning road bumps into full roadblocks?

3 ways to resolve your resolutions

1. Think iteratively instead of linearly

2. Focus on routines and themes over goals

“Your audacious life goals are fabulous…But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you — the shift in daily habits that would mean a re–invention of how you see yourself.” — Seth Godin

3. Use temporal landmarks year-round

  • 1st day of the month
  • Mondays
  • 1st day of each season (fall, winter, spring, summer)
  • Independence Day
  • Religious holidays (Easter, Eid al-Fitr, Rosh Hashanah)
  • Birthday
  • Vacation
  • Anniversary of a relationship or major milestone (e.g. job start date, graduation date, etc.)

Parting Thoughts

Instead of linearly focusing on a fixed resolution [LEFT], consider the overall theme and incorporate more temporal landmarks to regularly reflect and adjust [RIGHT]

Proposed Next Steps

  • Reflect on your ambitions for the new year — now just what you want to do, but how you want to be — and why that’s important to you
  • Identify tangible actions you can do on a daily basis to incorporate those resolutions into your existing routines
  • Set a regular cadence to check in, reflect, and adjust as needed throughout the year

References & Inspiration



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