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  • Playground of Empathy

    Playground of Empathy

    Our magical, scientific, immersive experiences help you become the compassionate captain of your own emotional journey.

  • Emily Joyner and Caroline Joyner

    Emily Joyner and Caroline Joyner

    Twitter: @emdjoyner + @carolinedjoyner | Instagram: https://instagram.com/emdjoyner?igshid=m0vzkm85mb9q + https://instagram.com/emdjoyner?igshid=m0vzkm85mb9q

  • Risa Takenaka

    Risa Takenaka

    Big fan of creative storytelling. Passionate about creating intentional solutions to tackle complex social issues.

  • Fanny T.

    Fanny T.

    The words you use matter. They create your reality. Make sure you choose wisely.

  • Ainesh Ravi

    Ainesh Ravi

    Product Manager @ AskWonder.com. Penn ’14. Runner, Dancer, and lifelong learner.

  • Designit


    Designit is a global strategic design firm, part of the leading technology company, Wipro.

  • Aaron Travis, MBA

    Aaron Travis, MBA

    Head of Design for Mission Driven Products at Diligent. I write about reimagining technology, business, government, and society.

  • Josin


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