• Stacie Sheldon

    Stacie Sheldon

    Senior User Experience strategist, researcher and designer, published author, mentor, and American Indian language advocate.

  • Oguzhan D

    Oguzhan D

    Graduate of MSc Management Engineering in the field of Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Josin


  • Ainesh Ravi

    Ainesh Ravi

    Head of Product @ AskWonder.com — #startups #curiosity #mental-models

  • Rob Hallifax

    Rob Hallifax

    Product manager, designer and maker in London.

  • Hassan Syed

    Hassan Syed

  • Andy McWain

    Andy McWain

    Investing in real estate on the blockchain: https://www.lofty.ai/refer?grsf=qem9l5

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